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Thomas Kim Rio SEO
Product Manager, Social Technologies

Tom Kim is a social media analyst turned product manager for Rio SEO's suite of social media marketing and technology software products. With a penchant for technology and a passion for marketing, Tom has shared his talents centering on interactive project management on both the agency and client sides, as well as contributing several years to the non-profit community in marketing, operations, and development roles. Based out of Seattle, he spends most of his free time with his wife, two kids and a Shakespearean rat terrier. Tweet him at @tbkim or @rio_seo.

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Don't Be a ‘JerkTech’ Living in a Sharing Economy
Today we live amidst the workings of a “sharing economy.”  By sharing economy, I mean an environment where we have commercial interactions that are based on personal and many-to-many versus one (impersonal)-to-many.  For a detailed explanation on what constitutes a sharing economy, check out Wikipedia's entry

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WOM Goes Back to its Local Roots
As communications technology advanced, this spatial requirement for Word of Mouth diminished.  Enter the Internet age – where we have people from one part of the world influencing others on the other side of the globe.

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Content Marketing Glossary: Content Shock
The lines of Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing were already well on their way of becoming increasingly blurred when Google's Hummingbird change in 2013 increased the impact that social media assets have in determining search engine rankings. 

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Can You Hear Your Influencers?

Do we live in a vacuum -- a social media vacuum?  Perhaps.


Social Vacuum

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Word of Mouth Macklemore and the Power of Smarter Content on Politics and Music

As my coworkers in the social tech group at Rio SEO and I reflect on this past year's WOMM and social media happenings, we talk about Oreos and the Super Bowl, celebrities and soda brands, Harlem shaking, and with the recent VMA, the expressive utility of giant foam fingers. For this post however, I want to highlight a campaign that is close to home, involving the influence of music on politics and social awareness.



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Ethics and Big Data Collection

As the volume of social information that data companies continue to collect on a daily basis skyrockets well into the petabyte range (Facebook alone records more than 500 Terabytes of data a day!), it's no surprise that issues of ethics and privacy disclosures have become critical and hot topics of discussion, not just within industry, but also in terms of government involvement. 


Ethics and Data

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How Big Data Powers Community Management

Big data today? It's like a DMA fractal. Near-infinite, ever growing and, yet, all relational. It's the Instagram of our picture perfect scone made on a Sunday morning pinned on our friends' Pinterest boards. It's the Facebook timeline post of the tweet you were mentioned in after your coworker registered for tonight's networking event on Eventbrite. It's hyperlocal - and then some.  


Big Data

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