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Certificate Programs

Healthcare Regulatory Compliance: Internet Promotion and Social Media Certificate Program

WOMMA and the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC) continue to advance their strategic alliance to bring the healthcare industry a Certificate Program focused on regulatory compliance for new and emerging media.

Entitled Regulatory Compliance: Internet Promotion and Social Media, this first-of-its-kind online certificate program is based on a "train + test" methodology designed to help reduce violative materials, decrease legal vulnerability, and support a culture of compliance.


On-Demand.jpg  Social Customer Care

As customers demand more via social channels, social customer service has become a whole new frontier. Customers want an integrated, omnichannel experience, and yet few companies are doing it well. Companies need to stop and evaluate their true customer experience including; customer engagement, employee engagement and connections like social media. The evaluations always lead to improvements which then lead to results like increased online conversions and loyalty.

  • Set up the best foundation for social customer service

  • Learn how to be proactive in community management

  • Integrate the social customer experience into the bigger experience for your customers



On-Demand.jpg  Community Manager & Community Strategist

Community management is both art and science. As more brands integrate online community into their marketing mix, finding people with the experience, skills and understanding of the community dynamic is imperative for optimizing returns. Finding the right people with the optimal skills to lead a dynamic community has proven to be challenging at best.

The industry needs standardized job descriptions, processes and training. That’s why The Community Roundtable joined forces with WOMMA and ComBlu to develop comprehensive certificate program for community managers and strategists.

These certificate programs are designed for individuals of all levels who are interested in understanding how to build and manage successful social and community initiatives. The programs cover both contextual topics like market trends, strategy, metrics and measurement and culture, as well as specific business use cases like social customer support, internal community building, community in government and more.

We are currently offering both the Community Manager and Community Strategist modules on-demand.



On-Demand.jpg  Fundamentals of WOMM

As the marketing industry evolves and changes, it is always important to remember that a great word of mouth marketing program starts with the basics! The Fundamentals of WOMM is a brand one of WOMMA's new online education series that will not only teach you the basics of word of mouth marketing, but how to apply them in order to achieve campaign success.  Who better to teach the course than the association that celebrates word of mouth marketing?

WOMMA has teamed up with the best in the industry to teach this online course and is designed to ensure that each participant walks away with a full understanding of the best practices, ethics and measurement. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or newbie to the marketing field, remember that no campaign will be strong enough without a great foundation.