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april_calendar.001_.pngWOMMnext 2014

This conference will focus on the latest innovations in word of mouth marketing. We will feature new research, new practices, and new technologies that our community should learn about to stay ahead of their competition. We will learn from trendsetters who are using experimentation and creativity to get people talking, both online and offline. We will convene forward-thinking leaders, scholars and practitioners to distill what’s next and how to put these breakthrough ideas into action.

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WOMMA Summit is an annual event that brings an elite group of marketing professionals to one city for three days! WOMMA Summit is headed to Hollywood, CA November 17-19th where marketing leaders can plan to collaborate, educate and celebrate the best of word of mouth marketing and social media.



Certificate Programs

On-Demand.jpg Healthcare Regulatory Compliance: Internet Promotion and Social Media Certificate Program

WOMMA and the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC) continue to advance their strategic alliance to bring the healthcare industry a Certificate Program focused on regulatory compliance for new and emerging media.

Entitled Regulatory Compliance: Internet Promotion and Social Media, this first-of-its-kind online certificate program is based on a "train + test" methodology designed to help reduce violative materials, decrease legal vulnerability, and support a culture of compliance.


On-Demand.jpg  Community Manager & Community Strategist

Community management is both art and science. As more brands integrate online community into their marketing mix, finding people with the experience, skills and understanding of the community dynamic is imperative for optimizing returns. Finding the right people with the optimal skills to lead a dynamic community has proven to be challenging at best.

The industry needs standardized job descriptions, processes and training. That’s why The Community Roundtable joined forces with WOMMA and ComBlu to develop comprehensive certificate program for community managers and strategists.

These certificate programs are designed for individuals of all levels who are interested in understanding how to build and manage successful social and community initiatives. The programs cover both contextual topics like market trends, strategy, metrics and measurement and culture, as well as specific business use cases like social customer support, internal community building, community in government and more.

We are currently offering both the Community Manager and Community Strategist modules on-demand.



On-Demand.jpg  Fundamentals of WOMM

As the marketing industry evolves and changes, it is always important to remember that a great word of mouth marketing program starts with the basics! The Fundamentals of WOMM is a brand one of WOMMA's new online education series that will not only teach you the basics of word of mouth marketing, but how to apply them in order to achieve campaign success.  Who better to teach the course than the association that celebrates word of mouth marketing?

WOMMA has teamed up with the best in the industry to teach this online course and is designed to ensure that each participant walks away with a full understanding of the best practices, ethics and measurement. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or newbie to the marketing field, remember that no campaign will be strong enough without a great foundation.



On-Demand.jpg  Social Customer Care

As customers demand more via social channels, social customer service has become a whole new frontier. Customers want an integrated, omnichannel experience, and yet few companies are doing it well. Companies need to stop and evaluate their true customer experience including; customer engagement, employee engagement and connections like social media. The evaluations always lead to improvements which then lead to results like increased online conversions and loyalty.

  • Set up the best foundation for social customer service

  • Learn how to be proactive in community management

  • Integrate the social customer experience into the bigger experience for your customers



Upcoming Online Events

Empower Employees to Build Your Business through Social Media

Today, people are twice as likely to believe and share information they receive from the everyday employee than CEOs. Despite that, social media managers have spent countless hours trying to get their executives to be more social online while neglecting to activate the brands’ greatest and most trusted advocates, the employees.

Join this webinar to learn how organizations like Adobe and Dell:

1. Inspire employees to build their reputation online
2. Create training programs that promote social literacy
3. Build a global social culture and socially-enabled business

Through programs like its Social Shift Training more than 30% of Adobe’s employees have been trained on social media. As a result, 12% of employees—whose job is not customer engagement--affiliate themselves with Adobe on Twitter, more than any other technology brand.  Adobe derives great value as it engages with its 17 million social followers, generating 60,000 mentions of its brand online each day. This webinar will provide participants with the challenges and learnings from Adobe’s initiative as well as from other brands who’ve made employee social awareness and empowerment a priority. Attendees will be given a suggested blueprint for building their own social training programs and insights on how to move beyond simple training to organized employee activation.

More information URL: Adobe Social Shift:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCqpAv2TByE#t=4

Cory Edwards, Head of Adobe's Social Business Center of Excellence
Liz Bullock, founder of the Social Arts & Sciences Institute, and formerly director of Dell’s Social Media & Communities University Program


  On-Demand.jpg WOMMA & Online Marketing Institute Courses

WOMMA has partnered with the Online Marketing Institute to help educate marketers on word of mouth marketing tactics and features industry experts including 360Connext, Google, House Party, TapInfluence and more. These on-demand courses are free to take advantage of so please enjoy and share with others!


Partner Events

Chicago, May 5-7, 2014
Innovations in Brand Management, Corporate Communications & Social Media:  New Insights and Solutions to Connect With Your Stakeholders and Drive Better Business Results

Learn practical strategies and step-by-step processes to boost your skills, your brand and your organization’s performance by:

- Growing and protecting brand relationships online with existing and new audiences
- Creating effective and more powerful brands by connecting your brand and your      reputation
- Positioning your corporate brand in the marketplace
- Engaging employees to deliver your brand promise
- Identifying and communicating your uniqueness to stakeholders
- Delivering the brand promise to customers to build loyalty
- Using social media, mobile and the latest digital strategies to grow brand awareness and loyalty
- Engaging key influencers, or brand advocates, to drive success
- Aligning marketing and communications to deliver more consistent brand messages
- Measuring brand value to demonstrate business results

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Social Media Marketing Forum for Beauty and Fashion -- Thursday, May 22, 2014 (8:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.)

Consumer trust and loyalty are crucial components of beauty and fashion marketing.  The adoption of social media in the fashion industry has given the average person access to breaking trends at speeds faster than ever before.  At the same time consumers feel entitled to have access to new and better products.  The internet allows consumers to engage with brands resulting in new, scalable relationships being built on a continuous basis.  Brands are utilizing various social media platforms to share exclusive previews and promotions, provide event information, and barter posts in exchange for samples or product previews. 

The industry has always been very visual so there is a natural connection with sharing images on platforms such as Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest.  L2ThinkTank.com reports that 79% of beauty brands of are present on Instagram. In a study by eBay Deals, the apparel and fashion industry has an average number of 1,262 Pinterest page followers and accumulates an average of 1.74 million Facebook likes. Also, 5.4% of all pins in January 2014 were related to women's fashion and 7.7% of all Pinterest boards were used to curate women's apparel.  

This forum will provide examples of how fashion and beauty brands are able to utilize social media to reach their fans online and create genuine multi-channel communication and interaction with their clients.

Visit this site to register and use discount code WOMMA for additional savings.