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25 Must Follow Brands

One of the top cited goals by brands in social media is engagement. Interacting and inspiring engagement with social users impacts business by building brand awareness and word of mouth, creating better customer experiences, converting in meaningful ways and increasing customer loyalty.

While there’s no “one social size fits all” approach, it’s always worth noting what successful brands are doing to pave the way in social media.

These 25 brands – curated from multiple industries, social networks and approaches to engagement, listed in no particular order – illustrate the multiple strategies and tactics that might give you ideas on how grow and mature your own social engagement.

1. Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match is one of the ultimate examples of engaging a socially-minded audience. The organization’s Facebook Page and Twitter account engage motivated individuals through posted volunteer opportunities and compelling multimedia content that highlights social impact.


2. John Deere

As one of the most iconic equipment brands in the world, John Deere’s Facebook Page shows how clean, visual imagery can fuel social interaction and loyalty. It’s also smart marketing – the memorable images keep the John Deere product line top of mind for future purchase decisions.

3. Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli embraces Twitter to connect with deli lovers. Their approach? “Make someone happy.” Each Tweet aims to do just that, and has proven a valuable strategy in finding, acquiring, and retaining customers.

4. Starbucks

With one of the most beloved lines of specialty coffee products, the Starbucks Facebook Page is an homage to caffeine-inspired imagery.  Their customer base is fiercely loyal about Liking, Sharing, and Commenting on the consistently engaging multimedia the brand shares.


5. AT&T

AT&T doesn’t just push phone  specials on Twitter. They’ve raised the engagement bar by creating ongoing discussions about relevant topics. From #ilovemyphone memes to inspiring 1 million people to take the #ItCanWait pledge not to text and drive, AT&T has proven that 140 characters can drive brand and advocacy-impacting interaction.

6. CNN

CNN, and each of its news programs, have defined a new face for social news consumption. With the main accounts of CNN, CNN Breaking News and CNN iReport, social users access up-to-the second news as details unravel and can share with their own networks instantly. Fans can also engage directly with news personalities to interact in a more personalized way.

pier 1  small

7. Pier 1 Imports

Pier1’s Facebook Page About section shares “If it’s interesting, if it’s impressive, if it’s hippy and happy and one-of-a-kind—then odds are it’s probably from Pier 1 Imports.” Each update and response embodies the brand’s persona, providing Fans with a personalized, enjoyable experience.

8. Aramark

You might have engaged with Aramark in social and not have even known it. Checked out a university campus menu on Facebook? Maybe read the Twitter feed of sports stadium’s specials of the day or social updates from a National Park or recreation center? You’ve seen the social business of Aramark in action.

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Courtney Doman
Digital Marketing Manager

This entry was posted on December 24th, 2012

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