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Marketing to Millennials: The Constantly Connected Consumer (Part 2 of 4)
Author: Lindsay McGettigan
Millennials truly embody the digital age. They consume content online more than any other generation and they are doing so across a variety of platforms, channels and devices. Technology has become the vessel they use to interact with not only each other but the world itself—they are the constantly connected consumer, making them one of the most sought after and at the same time most inundated target audiences for brands seeking to build their current and future customer base.  ...Read More
Rod Brooks at INTEGRATE
Author: Julie Long
Are you looking for the opportunity to learn about the hottest topics in Integrated Marketing Communications?  ...Read More
Holiday Shopping Goes Social
Author: Chelsea Hickey
Looking for last-minute holiday gift ideas? Chances are, you’re leaning on social media to help you find the perfect gift.   ...Read More
​Relevancy, Context, and Content Publishing
Author: Rachel Ullstrom
During the last few weeks, my unfiltered social media (Twitter, Instagram) has been flooded with national current events, largely the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, and then the equally contentious trial of Daniel Pantaleo. In both cases the outcome of non-indictment brought a severe public backlash that flooded my inbox, phone, television and social feeds. In both cases, there was a lack of brands’ understanding that though their content was good, they failed to respond to the context of current events. Audience relevance and timeliness are important to understanding how your message is received, not just what the message itself should contain.   ...Read More
Is there any room for new social networks?
Author: Mike Moran
untitled.pngNot too long ago, you probably remember a period when you couldn't open your email without getting another request to join a new social network. The business results of all those social networks indicate that you probably responded the same way that I did, by ignore them.  Those invitations stopped coming as everyone decided that there's no more room for new social networks. Then Google came out with Google+, and while the jury is still out on whether the big G will have a winner with this one, I personally believe that there is plenty of room for new social networks. They just need to be different from what we already have.  ...Read More
Creating an Effective Social Media Crisis Communications Plan
Author: Chelsea Hickey
social-icon-.jpegWe are often reminded of the types of crises that can befall a corporation: natural disasters, executive misconduct, lawsuits, product recalls, union strikes and etc. With the advent of social media, those crises can also spread like wildfire from a single tweet.   ...Read More
7 Councils & Committees Want You!
Author: Chelsea Hickey
womma10fb.jpegAre you looking for authorship opportunities, to connect with new members, learn from your fellow industry pros and make the most of your membership? If so, it's time to join a WOMMA council or committee. Read on to see what opportunities are immediately available to you and get involved. Don't see something that fits your interest? Let us know!  ...Read More
The Power of Instagram
Author: Kate Newman
url.jpgInstagram is no longer taking a backseat to Facebook and Twitter. It’s driving higher engagement levels and sales. Brands also behave differently than other social channels. The quality of content is usually higher and the post frequency is lower. But how can your brand drive sales on Instagram? Jason Miles, CEO of Liberty Jane Clothing and best selling author of “YouTube Marketing Power,” “Pinterest Power,” and “Instagram Power,” presented his answers at the 2014 WOMMA Summit.  ...Read More
FTC Endorsement Guidelines & Privacy Policies
Author: Kate Newman
Majority of social media security incidents are due to inappropriate content, followed by security then compliance issues. The FTC reviewed its endorsements and privacy policies to explain the social media rules of the road to WOMMA Summit attendees. Removing as much legal jargon as possible, these are the ethical guidelines defined by the FTC for disclosures, privacy and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  ...Read More
Turn Up for WOM
Author: Kate Newman
hennessy-cognac-vs.jpgWhat typically comes to mind when revamping an influencer program? Usually it’s finding advocates with high reach that also care about your brand. When Hennessy US sought to design an influencer program, they pushed the needle by coming up with a new approach. Moet Hennessy USA Digital Marketing Director Montana Triplett and Social@Ogilvy Account Director Madeline McCaul presented how they formed a team of 14 brand ambassadors, called Team Hennessy, to increase online and offline product awareness and push sales.  ...Read More
It's Complicated: ​The Grey of Marketing Ethics
Author: David King
its-complicated.pngPerhaps the most profound theme of WOMMA Summit’s workshop on marketing ethics was "it's complicated." Everyone agrees that disclosing a financial connection is necessary, but the details of how and when are topics rife with debate and uncertainty. The discussion revolved largely around specific examples, some real and some theoretical, where the ethics of disclosure wasn't as clear as the more obvious cases.  ...Read More
Case Study: How Weight Watchers is Putting People at the Heart of its Marketing
Author: Chelsea Hickey
This is a sneak-preview of the Weight Watchers case study presentation that will be shared at the upcoming WOMMA Summit on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at 9:00 a.m. (Studio A). Join Weight Watchers and Crowdtap in Hollywood for even more insights.   ...Read More
New WOMMA Board of Directors
Author: Juliana Fabiano
We (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) are proud to introduce the newest additions to our prestigious Board of Directors, joining some of the most innovative thought leaders in the word of mouth and social media space! The individuals were selected by our membership base due to their heavy involvement in the WOMMA community and overall dedication to the growth and preservation to the organization. The new additions include Sam Ford, Jim Dudukovich, Spike Jones, Rachel Caggiano and Tom Carusona. Continue reading to learn more about this stellar group. Congrats!  ...Read More
4 Marketing to Moms Trends Your Brand Should Follow In 2015
Author: Kate Newman
With smartphone usage on the rise, mobile is becoming the number one outlet for accessing social media and video content. This year, 83% of moms say they own a smartphone and 60% own a tablet (eMarketer, 2014). Recognizing this shift, it’s important for brands to focus on where moms are consuming their marketing messages first, and tailor content to fit those channels.   ...Read More
Reinventing Business in the Social Age
Author: Chelsea Hickey
Social media has situated itself deeply into the fabric of life. It’s related to nearly everything we do. From photo-sharing and correspondence to all things work-related, social media has become a crucial communication platform for businesses.  ...Read More
10 Things to do in Hollywood, California at #WOMMAsummit
Author: Chelsea Hickey
imgres-1.jpgThe 8th Annual WOMMA Summit is packed full of great speakers and networking opportunities, but what fun would traveling to Hollywood be without a little sightseeing? We’ve compiled a list of 10 things not to miss while in Hollywood, California.   ...Read More
Goldilocks and Social Media – Too Much, Too Little and Just Right
Author: Chelsea Hickey
WOMMA brought together AIMsights, the Fluent Group and Current – three research and marketing organizations that are passionate about the word-of-mouth marketing opportunity of social media.  As we brainstormed and shared our research with each other, we discovered that we were living a modern day version of the Goldilocks fairy tale – with insights into marketing strategies that use too little or too much social media and strategies that can help marketers get it “just right”.  ...Read More
Marketing to Millennials: What We Know (Part 1 of 4)
Author: Eric Loy
Welcome to the first segment of a four part blog series in which our team at r2i will provide helpful insights to effectively market to the most polarizing generation in marketing history—millennials. In this series we will cover:  ...Read More
How to Empower Employees to Share Your Brand’s Message
Author: Chelsea Hickey
Employee Advocacy – the whys and hows with Laura Lee, Social Media and Corporate Communications Manager at Purina A preview of Social Employees: How to Empower Employees to Share Your Brand’s Message        WOMMA Summit // Technology Track  ...Read More
Grappling with Ethical Questions with Some of the Top Minds in Our Industry
Author: Sam Ford
Wondering how to make sense of native advertising and the ethical obligations your brand/agency should have to the audiences your content seeks to reach? Unsure how you manage practices in an era of Big Data that respects the privacy and security of your customers/prospects? Confusing how issues of transparency and disclosure is evolving as new guidance, new platforms, and new issues arise on seemingly a weekly basis?  ...Read More
MLB’s Youth problem and How WOM Marketing Creates Audiences and Fans
Author: Rachel Ullstrom
royals-twitter1.pngI have a confession to make; I skipped school as a kid to go to Mariners games (sorry Mom and Dad). In my defense, the Mariners were pretty good in those years, which created a lot of fun baseball memories growing up.   ...Read More
The State of #Sponsored Social
Author: Ryan Schram
Whether you call it “Native Advertising,” “Content Marketing,” “Influencer Marketing,” or “Sponsored Posts,” the Sponsored Social category has redefined what Digital Word of Mouth – or perhaps, better called “Word of Mouse” -- can be for Brands.  ...Read More
Don't Be Afraid of Fake Reviews
Author: Mike Moran
untitled.pngI’m willing to bet that some of you still follow that old PR maxim to never dignify a ridiculous story with a response. Maybe you believe that some criticisms are “one-day stories,” and answering them just “gives them legs.” It is particularly tempting to stand your ground when dealing with reviews of your business or product that you are just SURE are fake. And I am here to tell you that you are wrong.  ...Read More
Avoid Being Penny Foolish: How to Become Dollar Wise with Marketing Spend
Author: Wendy Troupe
In today’s economy and with over $21.8 billion of funding being earmarked for marketing technology, CEOs are taking a good hard look at marketing budgets on the rise and want to know how this investment in technology contributes to growing revenue and profits. They are asking pointed questions around quarter-over-quarter growth and projected revenue and profit for next year.  ...Read More
Interview with Brian Fanzo, Chief Digital Strategist
Author: Julie Long
Earlier this summer, in my cubicle over 1,000 miles away from the Orlando, FL stage, I watched the Social Fresh East Conference live stream. As the event unfolded on Twitter, one handle, @iSocialFanz, specifically caught my attention with the volume and breadth of visually engaging live tweets. The man behind the handle was Brian Fanzo, Chief Digital Strategist and Partner at BroadSuite | Leading Digital & Social Business Change @iSocialFanz.  ...Read More
​How MorningStar Farms® used WOMM to drive a 6% sales lift — and had fun doing it
Author: Jared Currier
At the 2014 WOMMA Summit next month, House Party SVP of Research and Analytics Peter Storck and Kellogg Senior Digital Strategist Louise Cotterill will reveal “how MorningStar Farms used WOMM to drive a 6% sales lift — and had fun doing it.” We sat down with Peter recently to discuss what Summit attendees can look forward to hearing about during that presentation.  ...Read More
​ October Member of the Month: Kate Newman
Author: Chelsea Hickey
Word of Mouth Marketing Association October Member of the Month: Kate Newman, Account Executive, Social@Ogilvy Chicago  ...Read More
An Argument for Integrating Brand Personality: Be Friendly, Not Friends
Author: Eric Loy
5370006ad4add57.pngThere seems to be an assumption that exists among marketers that consumers not only want, but crave personal relationships with brands. I’d argue that this isn’t true—for the most part, anyway. Perhaps there are a few individuals who truly do want to swap ghost stories with Huggies’ Twitter account, but generally speaking, when consumers interact with a brand online they are searching for information, expecting a service or simply venting frustration. What they are not looking for is another friend.  ...Read More
An Open Letter to Native Advertisers from Word of Mouth Marketing Association
Author: Suzanne Fanning
I am writing on behalf of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) on the subject of disclosures and transparency for advertisers using sponsored and endorsed content services, such as yours.  We at WOMMA recognize the power of your service in amplifying online conversations. You have succeeded in giving content providers and advertisers new media options that gain meaningful, contextually relevant scale and reach in their efforts to earn, share and create content initiatives.  As an organization, we are excited about the reach and impact you can provide – and about your potential for enhancing the discipline while leveraging the power of word of mouth and recommendations.  ...Read More
Why Relationship-Building Is Key to Business Growth
Author: Chelsea Hickey
It’s been said that it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters in business. The problem is that you can know a lot of people but not have built relationships with them, and then the fact that you know these people really doesn’t matter at all. That’s why today I’ll be showing you how to create success through relationship-building.  ...Read More
​ A Digital Agency’s Perspective on the Apple Watch: Is it a game changer?
Author: Stephanie Bousquet
Last week, Tim Cook shared details about the Apple Watch scheduled to launch in early 2015.  Following Apple’s big announcement, Flightpath team members sat down to share their love/hate/indifference towards the new technology and speculate how it could impact digital marketing.    ...Read More
WOMMA Summit Pre-Conference Session 411
Author: Sam Ford
screen-shot-2014-09-19-at-4.19_.07-pm_.pngWOMMA is doing something unique to kick off our annual Summit this year: on the morning before the main Summit session kicks off, we have put together a stellar half-day workshop focused in particular on questions of ethics in marketing and communication.  ...Read More
Your Ultimate Guide to Fall Email Marketing Trends
Author: Stephanie Bousquet
autumn-349787_1280-228c6ed.jpgOnce the ugly stepsister of the marketing world, email marketing has made huge strides in 2014.  Don’t take our word for it; recent email statistics prove email marketing is here to stay.  As of 2013, there are nearly 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide, with that number expected to increase to 4.9 billion by the end of 2017.  ...Read More
Five Essentials for Content Marketing Success
Author: Anu Kher
If you are in the public relations, social media or marketing industry, you are no stranger to content marketing. Using content to create brand awareness is probably part of your job description, but content marketing is still a relatively new concept and best practices are constantly evolving.  On the other side, if you are in charge of your company’s content marketing program and are working with your PR partners towards implementation, mastering best practices can help you stay on top of the campaign.  ...Read More
​How do you coordinate social media in a large organization?
Author: Mike Moran
In my presentation  to the IEEE Board of Directors on organizational social media, I got a great question from a member of the board, “Our organization is not like the others that you’ve worked with. We have many local chapters that we can’t order around. How can we work with them to succeed in social media?”  ...Read More
The True Cost of Getting Your Branding Wrong
Author: Wendy Troupe
  The most valuable corporate asset is also the one thing that rarely gets credence or investment. It’s also the only corporate asset that, if managed properly, will never depreciate. A well-managed brand can increase in value year after year, yielding dividends that account for sales revenue and customer retention.  ...Read More
​4 Ways to Optimize Your Use of Facebook Custom Audiences
Author: Robin Garrison
Have you taken advantage of Facebook's Custom Audiences yet? This feature was released by Facebook across the board to advertisers less than a year ago. By using this option, Facebook advertisers may upload a list (either a list of email opt-ins or phone numbers from the advertiser's database - their terms of service prohibit the use of paid lists) and match that list with Facebook accounts to create a group of consumers for ad targeting. ​  ...Read More
Social Media Week Chicago: Sessions Hosted by WOMMA + Members
Author: Chelsea Hickey
smw-chicago-1.pngSocial Media Week Chicago is a community-sourced, city-wide experience engaging thousands of people with the brightest and most innovative perspectives on social media around Chicagoland. Social Media Week Chicago gathers and showcases thebest perspectvies on fast-moving social, digital and tech trends. Thought leaders in everything from business to nonprofit to education will share their solutions to these challenges and visions for the future.   ...Read More
Ethics Updates from WOMMA President, Suzanne Fanning
Author: Suzanne Fanning
In recent weeks there have been a number of significant ethics and disclosure updates that have been raised by regulators and the media. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you all that, as members of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, your organizations have agreed to uphold our Code of Ethics and that, in addition to that code, WOMMA provides a number of resources to help you better understand both ethical and legal requirements around Word of Mouth Marketing.  ...Read More
​Find Your Return on Influence: Interview With Social Media Marketing Author Mark Schaefer
Author: Julie Long
West Virginia University Alum, Mark Schaefer, took to the stage two years ago at INTEGRATE (WVU's Integrated Marketing Communication Graduate Program’s annual conference) to present key points from his book Return On Influence. With a Klout score of 75, Mark knows more than a thing or two about social media, blogging, and marketing.  ...Read More
Algorithmic Filtering: What the absence of #Ferguson trends teaches us
Author: Rachel Ullstrom
A few weeks ago, I began seeing troubling bits of news in my Twitter feed about Ferguson, Mo.  After watching an escalation of news in my twitter Twitter and Facebook feeds over a matter of hours, I was baffled by the absence of the news as a trending topic. , and apparent absence from my feed on Facebook. How could everyone I know (and follow) be watching the events in Ferguson, and have it still not surfacing among trends on social networks?   ...Read More
September Member of the Month
Author: Chelsea Hickey
Kaylee Dugan Communications Coordinator for Hershey Entertainment & Resorts  ...Read More
#WOMMAsummit Social Contest
Author: Chelsea Hickey
We are looking forward to kicking off the 8th annual Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit on November 17 in Hollywood, California.    ...Read More
3 Steps to Match Content Pillars With Brand Goals
Author: Kate Newman
Lifestyle content is important for building relationships with consumers. They use social media because they want to be social, they don’t want to be subjected to a sales pitch (Social Media Today, 2013). Normally, it’s a struggle to get brands to publish less self-serving content and more lifestyle content. But what if your brand does the opposite by posting so much lifestyle content that it compromises the brand’s goals and objectives?  ...Read More
Using Real-Time Marketing for Your Brand on Social Media
Author: Oracle Social Cloud
 Major events like the World Cup, Super Bowl, Olympics and The Oscars offer brands the ability to participate in real-time events with a highly engaged fan base. Brands’ activities during the World Cup demonstrated that fans are more likely to support and engage a brand both during and after an event, when their content is relevant and real-time.  ...Read More
The Do's and Don'ts for Creating Hyperlapse Videos
Author: Stephanie Bousquet
If you were unsure of the power of social video before, Instagram’s latest brainchild, Hyperlapse, will make you a believer.  Launched earlier this week, Hyperlapse is a stand-alone app for iOS that condenses and stabilizes phone videos into trendy timelapses.  ...Read More
Build Your Employee Brand Advocacy Program
Author: Bill Chamberlin
thumbsup.jpgIf you’re looking to cultivate loyalty and create brand ambassadors, why not start by leveraging your own army of employees?  ...Read More
Rebuttal: Why Word of Mouth Works in Social Media
Author: Suzanne Fanning
mouth-medical-marketing.jpgI recently read the article titled “Social Risk: Why Word of Mouth Doesn’t Work in Social Media.” Marsden, the author, said people don’t really make recommendations online to friends because they worry about social risk. I disagree with the statements made, and guidance recommended.  ...Read More
Is Data-Driven Marketing Killing Emotional Connections?
Author: Natalie Staines
Attend almost any marketing event and you will find speaking tracks around marketing analytics, integrated data, big vs small data, smart data, cross-channel data, customer profiles and how to personalize using data. There is no question that the right data sets can help inform marketing decisions, reveal what’s working and what’s not and help decision-makers evaluate ROI on campaigns and other investments. And, with integrated technology as well as advanced analytics programs available to marketers, there’s no excuse to not capture, track, analyze and leverage the data around customer behaviors, engagement and points of conversion.  ...Read More
Creating An Irresistible Back-to-School Marketing Strategy
Author: Cliff Medney
Over the past several decades, back-to-school has evolved into a major retail event that produces over $72 billion in yearly revenue.  Saavy brands understand the key to capitalizing on back-to-school season: making your product irresistible.  ...Read More
​Quiz: Should Your Brand Be Marketing on Snapchat?
Author: Stephanie Bousquet
To snap, or not to snap?  That is the question many brands and marketers are currently asking.  Snapchat has been around since 2011 but the direct messaging app is suddenly grabbing marketers’ attention thanks to their heavy-hitting stats: 30 million users, 80% of which are between 18 and 25 years of age.  In their 2014 marketing deck, Snapchat claims users send over 700 million photos and videos on a daily basis.  ...Read More
The Chief Digital Officer: Transforming the Obsolescence of Today’s CMO
Author: Wendy Troupe
There isn’t an industry today that hasn’t been affected by digital disruption, which has challenged brands to transform themselves. The traditional role of the chief marketing officer is not necessarily equipped to navigate the transformation, which includes formulating a digital business strategy, developing new integrated programs and finding organizational digital alignment.  ...Read More
Best Practices for Leveraging Bizarre Holidays
Author: Dilara Casey
untitled.pngWhen it comes to social content, a low-hanging fruit that many brands grasp is the daily, promotional holiday—those funny, weird holidays like Caviar Day, Old Stuff Day or Elephant Appreciation Day. If you’ve ever turned to one of these calendars for content inspiration, chances are you were able to craft several hundred posts. But ask yourself, did the content work hard for the brand?  ...Read More
A Foolproof Guide to Perfect Social Media Ads [2014 Edition]
Author: Stephanie Bousquet
467622557-copy3.jpgThe number of social networks that offer advertising grows every day and it can get confusing formatting ads for each specific community. The bottom line: Looks are everything.  In order to get the best ROI on social media ads, your ads not only need quick, smart copy but they also must have stunning, well-formatted images optimized to display on mobile and desktop devices.  ...Read More
WOMMY Awards Showcase Exceptional Word of Mouth Campaigns
Author: Suzanne Fanning
We all agree that Word of Mouth is the best form of advertising. That is not just an opinion--it is actually a fact according to experts like Nielsen and the Keller Fay Group, and the majority of brand marketers according to our latest survey with the AMA.  ...Read More
Will social media listening replace market research?
Author: Mike Moran
I once had an Advertising Age story brought to my attention by a colleague, where a Procter & Gamble exec speculates the extent to which social media is changing how we do market research. The story on its own is interesting, but especially so because it quotes P&G. It’s news when a company with the marketing chops of P&G has something to say about social media. But the news extends far beyond what Ad Age has to say.  ...Read More
6 Ways Brands Can Win in the ‘Nice Age’
Author: Cliff Medney
179708230.jpgIt’s not clear exactly when the marketing world entered the ‘Nice Age’ but if recently your heart has been melting more and more as you’re exposed to commercials, ads and branded content then you’re experiencing this industry shift firsthand.   It’s hard to believe how far marketers and brands have detoured from a very product and sales driven belief system to a socially and emotionally connected one.  ...Read More
☼ Summer School: Social Media Marketing Certification Discounts
Author: Chelsea Hickey
441b090b-4eba-490c-b7e0-568a92af392b.pngThe dog days of Summer are here, so grab an umbrella drink, your laptop, find a space next to the air conditioning, and join us for social media marketing certification courses. We'll even give you a shiny digital certificate to show off afterward.   ...Read More
August Member of the Month: Rebecca McCuiston
Author: Juliana Fabiano
Word of Mouth Marketing Association August Member of the Month: Rebecca McCuiston, SVP Influencer Marketing, 360i  ...Read More
Don't Be a ‘JerkTech’ Living in a Sharing Economy
Author: Thomas Kim
Today we live amidst the workings of a “sharing economy.”  By sharing economy, I mean an environment where we have commercial interactions that are based on personal and many-to-many versus one (impersonal)-to-many.  For a detailed explanation on what constitutes a sharing economy, check out Wikipedia's entry.   ...Read More
How to Convince Your CMO That Your Brand Should Be Using Instagram
Author: Kate Newman
Is your brand on Instagram? Do you believe it should be but are having a hard time convincing your CMO? The numbers are in, and engagement levels are staggering compared to more popular social media platforms by volume of users. Not only does Instagram have 200 million active monthly users, 50 million of them signed up within the last six months. At that growth rate, Instagram could boast 300 million active monthly users on Instagram in 2015. While the numbers continue to go up, your brand remains on the bench. It’s time to make it a key player. Here’s how.  ...Read More
5 Tips For Creating Sequenced Ad Campaigns on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]
Author: Stephanie Bousquet
sequencedads2.jpgA new study by Adaptly, in partnership with Facebook and Refinery29, shows that sequential Facebook ads that incorporate brand storytelling and awareness outperform sustained campaigns with ads solely focused on getting conversions.  ...Read More
A Primer on Millennials: Ten Research Reports
Author: Bill Chamberlin
There is a lot of interest in the marketing community about understanding the millennial generation, including who they are, what their interests and expectations are and what their preferences are relating to products, services, and shopping.    ...Read More
Survival of the Fittest: Social Evolves – will Brands?
Author: Brian Marks
Mary Meeker’s must-read 2014 Internet Trends Report has been out for over six weeks now and while marketing and tech chatterboxes have pretty much maxed out the conversation on it at this point, there’s still so much relevance to feed from for so much longer.  ...Read More
Working your social network
Author: Mike Moran
I’ve had a lot of luck over the years. I’ve never been out of work—and while I’d love to attribute that to my exceptional skills and determined attitude, the truth is that I’m truly lucky to be able to say that. I avoided layoffs at IBM during my 30 years there, when others weren’t so fortunate. I watched many people I know who are just as skilled and hard-working as me (if not more so) end up on the unemployment line. So, I can’t say that I have been in the position of needing a job. But I am going to give some advice to those of you that are. And the advice is simple: Don’t just ask for help from your social network. Provide help. Instead of using your social network, work your network.  ...Read More
Pure Inspiration: How to Market to Consumers on Pinterest
Author: Wendy Troupe
pinspiration.jpg​Consumers today are leveraging social media to identify themselves with brand values and discover potential new brand experiences. It’s the job of marketers to tap these emotions and keep consumers motivated to purchase. In the US, this comes in the form of digital feedback from friends, family and influencers, and less on brand-generated messages (70% from friends and family vs. just 10% from brands) according to Forrester.   ...Read More
I Won't Be Ignored: Why We Want Customer Service on Social
Author: Oracle Social Cloud
Admit it.  Sometimes in the dark of night, when you’re alone and no one is looking, you gripe about how annoying those people who expect customer service on social are.  They get in the way of how corporations wanted to do customer service: “Your call is very important to us, please continue to hold.”  ...Read More
The Top Brands Using Twitter Cards
Author: Stephanie Bousquet
burberry.jpgMarketing on Twitter?  You may want to consider using Twitter cards.  Twitter cards allow users to showcase media-rich tweets that expand to reveal more information and visuals.  Technically, Twitter cards have been around since 2012 but in the last several months the feature has improved dramatically, now offering marketers 8 different cards with varying functionality.  The cards seem to be especially useful for e-commerce companies and brands that regularly produce a lot of content.  ...Read More
What the NFL Can Learn About Emotional Currency From the World Cup
Author: Cliff Medney
untitled-11.jpgTeam USA may not have won the World Cup but soccer in America sure didn’t lose either.  The 2014 World Cup made it very clear that Americans have officially joined the rest of humankind in the worldwide obsession with soccer.    ...Read More
Get the Picture: Pinterest for Marketers
Author: Oracle Social Cloud
image002.jpgWhen trying to determine on which networks to conduct social marketing, the usual suspects immediately rise to the top; Facebook & Twitter, then LinkedIn (especially if you’re B2B), then maybe some Google Plus to hedge SEO bets.  So at what juncture do brands get excited about Pinterest?  ...Read More
Be Bold – Take a Risk to Create Your Breakthrough Real-Time Marketing Moment
Author: Lindsay McGettigan
mashable-usairways-tweet.jpgIn today’s world of constantly connected consumers, brands face increasing difficulty in breaking through the digital content clutter to create compelling word of mouth marketing experiences. One key way to overcome this hurdle is to take advantage of real-time marketing, which requires an appetite for taking risks and being bold.  ...Read More
3 Lessons from 360i's #WineWednesday Panel
Author: Chelsea Hickey
360i & WOMMA recently hosted a #WineWednesday panel called “Influencers as Storytellers: The Rise of the Digital Celebrity.” Panelists included photographer and award-winning Vine creatorMeagan Cignoli, fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion and illustrator and style expertDallas Shaw. 360i’s own SVP of Influencer Marketing, Rebecca McCuiston, served as moderator as panelists discussed how they achieved their “digital celebrity” status and what it’s like working with brands from Chanel and DKNY, to Lowe’s and HBO.  ...Read More
New study to reveal the true value of word of mouth
Author: Peter Storck
​The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) is currently conducting a landmark study, “Return on Word of Mouth,” led by House Party SVP of Research & Analytics (and WOMMA Research Council Chairman) Peter Storck, to quantify the value of online and offline word of mouth. We sat down with Peter to find out what the study might reveal and what it means for brands and marketers.  ...Read More
​Why Emotion-Driven Marketing Can Increase B2B Sales
Author: Stephanie Bousquet
emotion-brain-marketing-communication.jpgTraditionally, B2B marketing focused on product attributes and business value.  While great product features are key for selling, we cannot ignore the influence emotions play on buying decisions even in the B2B marketplace.  ...Read More
Vibrams, Yogurt, and Deadlifts: When Word of Mouth is Dangerous
Author: Rachel Ullstrom
untitled.pngWith potential new consumers and existing product fans increasingly connecting with one another, it is important to see word of mouth marketing no only as part of your discovery and sales funnel, but also as a critical part of your liability model. Engaging with consumers directly and controlling your message are the best ways to ensure consumer intent is aligned with reality, while limiting your exposure to misrepresentation due to well-meaning fan(atic)s.   ...Read More
Building and Executing an Effective Social Media Strategy
Author: Carol Lee
By now, there can be little doubt that marketers recognize the opportunity social media presents. And yet, while 86% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business, 83% feel that creating a social strategy is still a major concern. That’s not surprising given how much things have changed in just the last year alone. Consumers are becoming more socially savvy and expectations for brand engagement are evolving. Combined, this makes it challenging for marketers to keep up with the latest social media tools and trends.  ...Read More
Member of the Month: Jessica Jacobs
Author: Chelsea Hickey
Jessica Jacobs is the U.S. Marketing Manager for Unmetric, where she handles digital marketing and events. Prior to joining Unmetric in February of 2013, she held various product marketing roles at financial services companies. Jess is a graduate of Boston College.  ...Read More
Getting To the Heart of Your Customer’s Story
Author: Stephen Candelmo
Today’s word of mouth marketers are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with content and data and the demands upon them are accelerating.  We’ve read countless articles about the challenges and struggles of analysts and observed them pouring over spreadsheets in attempts to piece together the heart of their customer’s story.    ...Read More
How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Program
Author: Bill Chamberlin
Influencers are becoming a critical element of word of mouth marketing programs as they can have large networks that follow their content, comments, recommendations, and product reviews.  They can sway others’ opinions and cause changes in behaviors… all of which can lead to powerful changes in brand image and loyalty.  As a result, many marketing professionals are interested in incorporating influencer marketing programs into their social media strategies.  So how can you get started developing your own Influencer Marketing program?  Here’s a simple list of 10 steps to get your started.  ...Read More
Are Digital Coupons Gaining Momentum?
Author: Dilara Casey
It’s no secret that digital coupons are on the rise. In 2013, more than 28% of consumers with a smartphone redeemed a digital coupon [Blackstone Media, 2014]. In the last year alone, digital coupons have doubled their redemption value. These redemptions make up only 3.1% of all coupon redemptions [Marketing Charts, 2014], but if the momentum continues, digital could consume nearly 50% of coupon redemptions in five years.  ...Read More
World Cup: Which brands are winning at WOMM?
Author: Monica Bhandarkar
2014-brazil-world-cup.jpgSocial looked a lot different during the 2010 World Cup. Pinterest had just launched, Instagram was not yet live, and Facebook was still a privately held company. Fast forward four years and the 2014 World Cup has already claimed the title of “world’s most social sporting event.” Since June 2013, there have been 19 million social mentions including the phrase “World Cup,” exceeding the number of social mentions for the Super Bowl and Sochi Winter Olympics, respectively.    ...Read More
Social Media Hack: How To Change Your Brand's Facebook Page Name
Author: Beck Delude
Change and evolution are inevitable in the marketing world. Luckily, if your brand outgrows its Facebook fan page name and the name no longer reflects your brand’s intent, Facebook offers the option for a “Significant Page Name Change” once per calendar year.   ...Read More
4 Ways to Maintain Your Brand’s Social Media Presence in the Off-Season
Author: Robin Garrison
rg.pngAll good things come to an end – and for some brands that end is predictable, because it happens every year. Whether it’s the end of a sports schedule, television show season or a vacation season, maintaining a rich dialogue with the fans, followers and consumers of your brand once that “off-season” arrives can be a challenge.  ...Read More
Back to Basics: Things that Matter in Marketing
Author: Brian Marks
As marketers, we swim through the trenches of shiny objects, stunning platforms, and sparkly tools. We want it all. And in today's world, we can mostly have it. The barrier to entry through social media channels is minimal. We wave victory flags as channels launch and skim past real performance and absolute impact. But as the world gets crazier around us and we have less control on the media we actually own, it is necessary to stop and reset what we are doing, what we have done, and where we're going next. You know, back to the basics.  ...Read More
5 Fresh Twitter Tactics That Power Users Swear By
Author: Jason Keath
5-fresh-twitter-tactics.pngTwitter has been around for over 6 years now. It is still one of the best tools for brands to connect with influencers and customers one-on-one. One of the traits of Twitter as a social network that makes it so challenging for marketers is how open the network is. The openness of the network makes it amazingly useful for brands and for connecting with almost anymore.  ...Read More
Listen to Your Customers to Adjust Your Keywords
Author: Mike Moran
untitled.png​Even if you use many sources to brainstorm your search keywords, how do you know if your customers are starting to change the way they search for your products? Have you listened to what your customers are saying? Listening to customers used to demand expensive focus groups and surveys, but that time has passed. Nowadays, you can listen to social media conversations and analyze them for any number of purposes, including search keywords.  ...Read More
Anyone Can Edit Wikipedia; Doesn’t Mean They Should
Author: Sam Ford
In short, this isn’t just an “encyclopedia anyone can edit.” That tagline has been widely understood. But much less understood by professional marketers, professional communicators, and corporate executives is the fact that contributions must be objective, accurate, sourced, and—where conflicts of interest are at play—that they must be fully disclosed and should, by and large, lead the person involved not to make any direct changes to pages.  ...Read More
Are you making good use of the Influencer Guidebook?
Author: Bill Chamberlin
screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-10.02_.36-am_.pngInfluencer marketing is one of the hot trends in word of mouth marketing in 2014.  With the rise in social media over the past five years, Influencer marketing programs have become an important part of any social media marketing strategy.      ...Read More
Sleeping dogs lie; numbers don’t
Author: Peter Storck
It’s always wonderful, as a marketer, when intuition and statistics line up, when what you feel in your gut turns out to match the data. Here at House Party, we’ve known for years that consumer advocacy can be more powerful than any traditional form of marketing — known it so confidently, in fact, that we started the company with this as the foundational tenet.  ...Read More
How Brands Can Leverage Internet Celebrities for Social Video
Author: Megan Conley
Internet celebrities have been around since the early years of the web – but more recently, online video stars are emerging en masse thanks to the rise of new social video services (like Vine and Instagram Video) and a push from more-established platforms to elevate individual content creators.  ...Read More
Monetizing Brand Value - A CEO's Performance Dashboard
Author: Wendy Troupe
CEOs are under pressure to have a clear vision of their companies' futures based on a first hand knowledge of the needs and desires of their customers. Today's business leaders also need to gauge their company’s ability to attract and meet these needs and desires at any moment due to the ability for prospects and customers to go online to search for information they need.  ...Read More
Social Media Essentials and Strategy Certifications
Author: Suzanne Fanning
1554354_10152488783488689_3163163300329677586_n.pngThe smartest people realize they can never stop learning. The most brilliant marketers know that something in the industry changes every day—new technologies and platforms are developed, new research and case studies emerge, and the laws of social engagement change.  ...Read More
An Insider’s Guide to Microcontent
Author: Rick Liebling
Writing an eBook for content marketers isn’t easy. That’s because content marketing isn’t easy. Seemingly every week there are new platforms, new tools and new trends that change the game from marketers. To keep up you have to move fast. But sometimes it pays to slow down, go back to the basics and get advice from practitioners with in-the-field experience.  ...Read More
May Member of the Month: Jim Dudukovich
Author: chelsea hickey
This month we are proud to feature active member, and all around awesome guy, Jim Dudukovich, Senior Marketing, Digital & Social Media Counsel with The Coca-Cola Company, where he has worked since 1998.  In his role with Coca-Cola Jim negotiates sports and entertainment marketing transactions and advises and counsels his business partners on advertising, marketing, sponsorship, and general intellectual property law issues, talent rights (including application of the SAG—AFTRA Commercials Contract), rights of publicity, copyrights, trademarks, social media marketing, music law, and product claims.  ...Read More
Is Your Campaign WOMMY Worthy?
Author: Chelsea Hickey
1497573_10152121071923689_1767405454_n.jpgThe WOMMY Awards celebrate and recognize our industry’s most inspiring work. Word of mouth marketing is not solely about creating word of mouth — it’s about learning how to leverage word of mouth within a marketing objective (price, product, place, promotion, people). Plus, you get bragging rights and this glorious paper weight.   ...Read More
Why #BringBackOurGirls May not be as Impactful as it Seems
Author: Rachel Ullstrom
bbogmo.jpgTwitter activism has been getting a lot of press as of late, particularly related to the #BringBackOurGirls trend advocating for intervention to rescue the young women kidnapped in Chibok, Nigeria just weeks ago. For the sake of this post, I am going to set aside the obvious tragedy, and focus on the social trend itself and the context immediately surrounding the incident and the trend.  ...Read More
Groundbreaking WOM research presented at WOMMnext
Author: Peter Storck
WOMMnext fulfilled its promise to showcase leading-edge content, especially around research and measurement. Three research presentations in particular revealed substantial progress in the quest toward understanding and proving the high ROI of social marketing.   ...Read More
WOM Goes Back to its Local Roots
Author: Thomas Kim
As communications technology advanced, this spatial requirement for Word of Mouth diminished.  Enter the Internet age – where we have people from one part of the world influencing others on the other side of the globe.  ...Read More
WOMMnext: Days 2 & 3
Author: Chelsea Hickey
Days 2 & 3 of WOMMnext shed insight on all of the great things word of mouth has done for brands along the years, but also gave us a glimpse into the future of WOMM. What better way to sum up the past two days than to highlight attendees’ tweets? Word of mouth at its best:   ...Read More
WOMMnext: Day 1 Recap
Author: Andrew Christensen
The first day of WOMMnext was packed with great breakout sessions and captivating keynotes, and wrapped up with great food, wine and people.   ...Read More

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