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Don’t Be Naïve About Native (November, 2014)

A WOMMA White Paper on How Marketers Should Approach Disclosure in Native Advertising 

Native advertising is a rapidly evolving area, one where law and regulation have yet to establish clear rules of the road. Even its name sparks controversy: is it “native advertising,” “content marketing,” “sponsored content,” or something else entirely? Whatever it’s called, “native advertising” is generally defined as marketer-sponsored content that is designed for compatibility with the editorial content in which it is placed.

As a white paper, Don’t Be Naïve About Native, is an examination of the topic of transparency and disclosure within native advertising; a look at all the ways to characterize it; and a series of examples of ways to disclose within native advertising executions.

Our industry must consider what guidance we should provide to our audiences— now, rather than wait for publishers or regulators to answer these questions for us. We hope this white paper will provide perspective to help in this evolving process. 

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WOMMA Guidebooks

Influencer Guidebook (2013) 

This complete rewrite of WOMMA's 2008 Influencer Handbook is the work of the highly esteemed Research & Measurement Council and includes contributions from Neil Beam (MotiveQuest), Ashley Libby (The Anca Group), Susan Emerick (IBM), William Chamberlain (IBM), Jane Collins (Formerly of BlogHer), Michael Fein (Fanscape), Amy Laine (IBM) and Dhara Naik (Social@Ogilvy). 

Share WOMMA's Influencer Guidebook within your organization to learn, 

  • New Definitions of Influencers

  • 5 Categories of Influencers

  • 3 Levels of Program Considerations

  • “Before” and “After” Metrics

  • Attributes of an Influencer

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Solving the ROI Riddle: Perspectives from Marketers on Measuring Word of Mouth

The promise of word of mouth marketing (WOMM) and social media marketing initiatives have practically saturated the consciousness of every brand marketer:

  • A targeted reach leading to more efficient use of marketing dollars
  • A virtual and continuous focus group providing commentary about a company's products and services
  • Opportunities for engaging customers in greater dialogue

One important barrier to adopting WOMM and social media marketing more broadly has been a lack of understanding about what, and how, to measure their impact, especially as they relate to the return on investment (ROI) of these programs. Therefore, we created this Guidebook to offer marketers a practical introduction to measuring the business value of WOMM and social media marketing programs.

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Listening Is Good, Participating Is Better

Finding the right social media listening and monitoring tool(s) can be an arduous process – one that leaves brands, agencies and tool vendors exhausted. As most WOMMA members touch this process at some point, the Research and Measurement Council was asked to identify major learnings from within the membership on the selection and usage of these listening and monitoring tool capabilities.

The purpose of this guidebook is to provide suggestions and best practices for excellent partnerships between brands and social media listening and monitoring vendors. Additionally, guidance is provided on what to do after listening and monitoring commences. Each chapter is focused on guiding brands or agencies of all sizes through determining needs and asking the right questions in addition to setting clear goals and expectations. No particular type of tool is being endorsed by WOMMA. Rather, we are advocating that both selection and usage of these tools is a process that must be geared to your company’s needs. Additionally, this guidebook did not explicitly focus on the category of tools positioned to aid brands in customer engagement via social media venues.

To download the first three chapters of the guidebook, visit here.

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